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TEP refused to turn on power in apt until past bill of 521.00 was paid that was not in my name. I paid the bill because I have 2 small children and they are still refusing to turn on power to apt. They are shady criminals. If there was another power company i would go to them. I am living in a hotel with my two small children because they refuse to turn on my electric. Now i call back today, and they tell me i need to put a 200.00 deposit up... Read more

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I moved from a home in vail due to the area having issues with break-ins, gas syphoning, and other theft problems. The last day we were moving, we went back for the last of our things only to find the neighbor 2 houses down robbed us. I was able to get some of my belongings back bc 1 of the other neighbors had security cameras installed. Needless to say a couple months after I moved I got an outragous bill. I call to find out why only to... Read more

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I have had bills out the roof even after renovations, I went crazy spending money to lower my bill, as I started to lower my bill with small changes they came out and said that something is wrong with my meter so they changed it. The I proceeded to change the higher priced stuff like pool pump attic insulation even changed all my bulbs to Led. They came out again said they needed to change the meter again. I didn't get a bill so they decided to... Read more

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When you have a bill sent to you! you can pay it. they said all by the way we are doing paperless billing with out my perm and cut off power because i did not get the bills i didnt know what to pay it is over 105 outside kids and astma and i sent in all my money i could scamers now they add to my bill conection fees help us all what can you do how many people are they doing this to ?

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I SET UP METER CANGE APPOINTMENT. FOR SATURDAY september 12..Waited the whole day. At about 2.45 pm i called the downn trees number. Talked to t.e.p employee and I asked him if anybody was going to show up. This was not a call up number to see if the new meter was going to be hooked up. This employee was very nice. He checked and he said I was scheduled for a replacement. Here it is 5 pm and no meter guy. I NEVER GOT A CALL TODAY I LEFT MY... Read more

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Had a previous bill with them because of recent financial hardship. Tried to work out an affordable payment arrangement with them. Was told i would still have to pay over $100 a month extra in addition to whatever my monthly bill was to keep electric on. Could not afford this so was sending them only $50 extra. They strung me along and waited for the hottest part of summer before they shut my service off. It is now 158 degrees in my little... Read more

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They charged me twice in one month and I set my auto pay for the 15th and they charged me on the 14th which caused a overdraft fee with my bank

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My average bill for the past 14 years at this address is about $35 in the winter and $65 in the summer, when the swamp cooler is on 24/7. In January my bill was $40.29--higher than it should have been, but I paid it anyway. Last week I received a bill for the dates 12/24/14-1/27/15 totaling $70.67. Even if I hadn't been OUT OF TOWN FROM 12/8/14-1/7/15, this would be twice the normal amount. I sent an e-mail and received a response telling me... Read more

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We opted for pay online for our business and home gas and electric years ago. With absolutely no notification, TEP stopped sending up email notifications AND paper notifications when our bills we available. When we are out of town, there is no possible way of knowing what our bills due are unless we receive emails. Concerned, I went to sign into our account. Our account was locked for no apparent reason and with absolutely no notice. When were... Read more

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TEP is being allowed to use fraudulent collection practices that are forbidden under FTC regulations. Attorneys who file FTC cases against collection agencies nationwide cannot touch TEP & other utilities because our Arizona Corporation Commission is allowing TEP & any other utility to usze FTC loopholes. Unless TEP uses an outside agency, THEY CAN VIOLATE EVERY RIGHT THAT YOU HAVE! They do not have to even abide by the "DONOTCALL"... Read more

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